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Use widgets to access information faster and save yourself time.

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The Overview dashboard is the very first thing you see when you log in to DoorLoop. To make sure you are able to view all your important information as soon as you open the software, we make it easy using our widgets!

Your dashboard is totally customizable and will show you important information at a glance, allowing you to prioritize your time to figure out what part of the software you need to dive into first to get things done.

One of the best features of our widgets is that they are interactive! You can click on items within the widget to bring you right to that item within the software, saving you a ton of time. We’ll show you how!

The Steps

Accessing info from the widgets is pretty simple: all you need to do is hover over the widget in question, and then click on the pertinent information.

Doing this will bring you right to the part of the software where that information is contained!

Pretty simple, right? Ease of use and quick access to your important information is what makes our widgets and Overview dashboard such a great time saver.

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