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Company Default Rental Application Settings

Configure your default rental application settings.

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Using rental applications in DoorLoop starts with your company-level settings. What you configure here will be the default for your rental applications unless you override a section at the property level.

Using these settings, you’ll be able to customize many aspects of your rental application including which information is mandatory and any additional requirements you might need that are outside of the standard categories.

The Steps

Accessing the Rental Application Settings

To access the default Rental Applications settings, you would first click Settings located on the main menu. Then you would click on the Rental Applications button under the Property Settings section.

Clicking this will bring up the Rental Applications settings window. For those who have been with DoorLoop for quite some time, you'll notice that the new settings window will look very different.

Tip: Every section now has fields that you can turn on and off (unless they are mandatory) as well as whether or not certain fields are required to fill out before moving to the next section.

Manage Fees

To set up the Management Fees, you will need to have a verified address entered. If you've already done this, read on.

On the Manage Fees section, you'll have three options now when selecting fees:

  • Screening Fee: Use this option if you don't have a Merchant account set up, but still want to run a background check for applications. There will be a $49.90 fee charged to the applicant.

  • Cover Screening Costs: This option will not charge the tenant for the rental application and will not request reports automatically. If you decide to request reports after, you will be charged an amount for requesting reports based on your subscription plan.

    If you decide that you want the prospect to pay for a background screening, you will need to have them fill out a new rental application again with either the Screening Fee or Customize Your Fee options selected.

  • Customize Your Fee: This option lets you enter a custom amount to charge the applicant for the application fee. Note that using this option will always deduct $3.50 for the credit card processing fee. Here you can also decide whether or not to run screenings that the applicant will pay for. Click the box for "Deduct Screening cost from application" to run screenings. The screening fee is based on your subscription tier.

You will need to click the box labeled "By using the rental application, I accept the DoorLoop and TransUnion Terms and Conditions." to use Rental Applications.

Note: Cover Screening Costs and Customize Your Fee screening fees are based on your subscription plan.


If you have any specific instructions for your applicants, this is where you'd include them. This is what will be shown on the first page of the rental application. You can also add instructions to each page of the application separately.

Applicant Info (Mandatory)

Add instructions (optional) for this section. This section will ask for general information about the applicant, such as their name, contact information, demographics, ID numbers, etc. As mentioned above, you now have the option to make certain fields required or not. For instance, not everyone has a Drivers License, so now you have the option to have your applicants skip these sections if necessary. You will notice that some sections can not be deselected because they are required.

Note: A Social Security Number and Driver's License will still be required if intend to run background checks of your applicants through TransUnion.

Residential (Mandatory)

Add instructions (optional) for this section. This section asks about the applicant's current residential situation. Here they'll enter their current address, when they started living at that location, and more. You will notice that some sections can not be deselected because they are required.

Employment (Mandatory)

Add optional instructions for this section. This section has your applicants tell you where they are working now, and their employment status. Here you can add fields for when they started, when they ended, a current supervisor, and more. You will notice that some sections can not be deselected because they are required.

Optional Sections

The rest of the sections on the rental application are optional, though they do help gather more information about your applicants. You can choose to turn any of these sections on or off, and can even make these sections required if necessary.

  • Vehicle Information

  • Dependents

  • Emergency Contacts

  • Pets

  • Additional Income & Assets

Create Questions

If you have additional questions you would like to ask the applicant that isn't part of any of the categories above, you can add them here. If you enable this section, we do provide some sample questions you can ask, but you can modify these to fit your needs. Use the + Add Another link to add more questions and the Trash Can icon to remove questions. You can even change the Question Type.

You can use the "Set this section as a requirement to submit the application" if you want this section to be required by the applicant.

Request Documents

This is another section that isn't required but can be helpful. Here you can request that applicants upload certain documents if they're necessary as part of your rental process. For instance, you might want a copy of their driver's license, a recent pay stub, or more. Here you can add those items and mark them as whether or not they're mandatory to continue.

Terms & Conditions

While not necessary, you may want to include this section as part of your rental applications. This is where you would add information such as whether or not application fees are non-refundable, and disclaimers, requirements, policies and procedures, and more.


This section lets you assign Users within your organization who will be notified whenever a new application is received. This could be you, an assistant, or someone in the office. You can assign multiple Users to receive these notifications as well.

Application Link

This will be where the general link for the rental application will be. This is a link for an application that isn't specific to any property. If you need a property-specific rental application link, you'll need to grab that from the property. (Read the next section for instructions on how to do this).

When you are satisfied with the way your rental application looks, you can click Save to finish.

Tip: You can test out your rental application by copying the URL and viewing the rental application as the applicants would see it.

Next Steps

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