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Test your rental applications before sending them to prospects

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Before you send or post rental application links for your prospects to use, you likely want to see for yourself what the application looks like. You can actually use the rental application link yourself to fill out the application and test it if you’d like.

Essentially, you can view the rental application from the prospect’s point of view. The following steps will show you how!

The Steps

  1. To review your rental applications, click on Rentals on the main menu and click Properties.

  2. Find the property you want to review the rental application for and click on it.

  3. Click on the Rental Applications tab and then click the Copy Link button. This will copy the link to your computer clipboard so you can paste it somewhere else.

  4. In another tab or browser window, paste the rental application link in the address bar and go to the page. Start filling out the application to see what it looks like for yourself.

  5. You don’t have to completely finish the rental application, especially if you charge for your rental applications and don’t want to pay to complete the test application. If you don’t charge for rental applications, you can finish the application and review it in DoorLoop.

    If you intend to charge for your rental applications, but want to fully test submitting an application without paying, you could change your rental application settings to not charge anything, submit the test, then change the settings back again to charge the fee.

  6. If you are satisfied, this rental application is ready to send out to your prospects!


Why does the prospect have to click a button notifying me whether they are applying alone or as a co-signer? I don’t see it anywhere on the rental application after it is submitted.

  • The application is the same for the prospect whichever they choose. This field currently doesn’t add anything to the rental application and is meant for future functionality.

Why can a prospect add a photo in the "About You" section of the application, but I can’t find that photo anywhere in DoorLoop later?

  • Unfortunately, right now uploading a photo to a rental application doesn’t do anything, but is meant for future functionality.

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