You’ve configured and turned on your rental application for a property, reviewed your application, and now you’re ready to send it out to your prospects. Let’s go over how you find and send the rental application link to your prospects!

The Steps

Remember that prospects apply to properties, so the links you use from these steps are property-specific. All prospects applying to the same property will use the same link!

Step 1

Go to Rentals < Properties and click on the property that you want to get the rental application link for.

Note that this tab is also where submitted rental applications for this property will show later.

Step 2

Click on the Rental Applications tab and then the Copy Link button.

This copies the rental application URL for this property to your computer’s clipboard so you can paste it somewhere else.

Step 3

Paste the copied rental application link wherever it needs to go. This could be into an email or a text message to send directly to your prospects.

Even easier, if you have a website, you could post this link to the page for this property and direct prospects there to access the rental application link.

That’s all! If you’ve set up DoorLoop to send notifications when prospects submit rental applications, you’ll get an email when an application is ready for you to review.

Next Steps

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