In DoorLoop, you set how much you charge for your rental applications in each of your properties. As long as the default operating account for the property is set up as a merchant account to receive online payments.

Let’s review how to charge for rental applications!

The Steps

To charge for your rental applications, you’ll complete the same steps as your would when turning on and configuring your property rental application settings.

However, specifically in the Application Settings portion, you’ll want to do the following:

Step 1

In the Application Fee section, toggle on the option to Charge applicants an application fee.

Note that if you haven’t yet applied for a merchant account, you will not be able to charge for rental applications until you do.

Step 2

Enter in the Total Application Fee ($) amount.

When you do this, in the Application Fee Summary section you will see what the credit card fee will be and how much of the application fee you keep as your profit.

Step 3

If you also want to request a TransUnion SmartMove Report, toggle this on. This includes Credit, Criminal, and Eviction History reports, which are part of TransUnion's SmartCheck Plus package shown here.

  • According to TransUnion, their SmartMove reports give you a 15% better eviction prediction than a typical credit score.

If you do this, the Application Fee Summary will update to reflect this deduction from your profit.

Also, if you haven’t entered an address for your company in DoorLoop, you will be shown a button to click on to enter one before you can charge for rental applications.

Step 4

After you accept the DoorLoop and TransUnion Terms and Conditions and click Save, this is how much your prospects will pay when applying for this property.

Note that you must charge at least enough to cover the credit card and report fee, if you are requesting a TransUnion SmartMove report.

That's it! If later you want to change the amount you charge, repeat these steps and all new prospects filling out applications for this property will pay the new amount.

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