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How do I see which tenants still owe money?
How do I see which tenants still owe money?

Quickly review who hasn't paid their rent.

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We know that seeing what is owed to you in the system is probably one of the most important features for any property manager. We make it extremely easy to see exactly that!

The Steps

Step 1

From the side menu, click on Accounting and then click on Unpaid Rent.

You can also go to Reports, scroll down to the Who Owes You section, and click on the A/R Aging Summary report.

Step 2

On the A/R Aging Summary report, you see a breakdown of your leases with non-zero balances organized by property.

Note that this report also includes leases with credit balances, meaning those tenants paid ahead and you actually currently owe them money.

Step 3

You can edit the A/R Aging Summary report to show information as of a different date, change the chosen aging periods, and even set the number of days you want rent to be past due before it will show on the report.

You can also filter by Property and Portfolio if you want to narrow down the leases shown.

Step 4

Positive numbers are amounts owed to you, and negative numbers are credits on the lease. Keep in mind these are unpaid totals for the listed time periods, not necessarily single unpaid charges.

Click on a dollar amount in a line item under a property to see the A/R Aging Detail report for that specific property, which will show you the individual unpaid charges and their due dates.

The A/R Aging Detail report also shows credit balances and the date your tenant received the credit or paid ahead.

That’s it! Now you can use your A/R Aging Summary report to see all of the leases that still owe you money, broken down by property, unit, and how many days they are delinquent.

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