If a prospect who applied using a rental application link contacts you saying TransUnion was unable to verify their identity, or you see that their identity couldn't be verified when you are reviewing the submitted rental application, there are several steps you can take.

Most likely, the applicant entered their information incorrectly without realizing it. While frustrating, all is not lost, and the issue can be fixed.

The Steps

Even though TransUnion was not able to verify the prospect's identity for the SmartMove Reports, they still paid the full amount for their rental application. This makes it easy to have the prospect resubmit their application, checking their information very carefully this time!

Step 1

You can actually send the prospect a personalized rental application link to resubmit their application without paying again. Use the instructions in this article to do that.

Note that this method will not work to produce a TransUnion SmartMove report if you did not already have that option turned on when the prospect initially submitted their application.

Step 2

Make sure you reiterate to your prospect that they need to carefully check the information they are submitting.

For example, they might have done one or more of the following:

  • Entered their name differently than shows on their official documents

  • Mistyped their SSN or driver’s license number.

  • Left part of their current address blank or entered it incorrectly altogether.

Note that if people use their computer browser's autofill feature, they often don't review this information!

Step 3

When the prospect submits their application again (without paying, of course), you can review their newly submitted application the same way you do any other rental application.

That’s all! If you’ve set up DoorLoop to send notifications when prospects submit rental applications, you’ll get an email when this application is ready for you to review.

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