As you receive and track rental applications, one of the final steps is to make a rental decision, update the application with your decision, and inform the prospect.

The Steps

Step 1

When on the Overview tab of a rental application, click on the Update Decision button.

You can also click on the three vertical dots icon on a rental application line when viewing the list of your applications and then choose Update Decision.

Step 2

You can update the decision to the following choices:

Step 3

Add any optional Notes about the decision and then click Save.

These notes will show if you go back later to update your decision again.

Step 4

Notify the prospect of your decision however you normally would.

If you are rejecting a prospect and they ask for their TransUnion SmartMove reports, you can download and send them the reports using the instructions in this article here.

If you’ve accepted their application, you can send them a lease for them to electronically sign as your next step!

Next Steps

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