In DoorLoop, you have the ability to accept eSignatures through HelloSign. The signature request will save to the Signature Requests tabs of the things related to the eSigned document.

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The Steps

Step 1

Navigate to Communications > Signature Requests and click on New Signature Request. Enter the title of the document and a description. When finished, click on the Next button on the bottom right.

Step 2

Select the type of object related to the signature request. You will be asked to select the specific Property, Unit, Draft Lease, or Lease to which you want to connect the eSignature. Click Next to proceed.

Note that you must have already created the Property, Unit, Draft Lease, or Lease in DoorLoop before you can attach it to a signature request.

Step 3

Upload the file of the document you want to be signed. Note that the document must be in a PDF or DOC format. You can also select Use Template to select an eSignature template you have already created. Click Next to proceed.

Step 4

Skip to Step 4a if using a Signature template

Click the Add New Signer button to choose a what type of people you want to eSign the document (Tenant, Prospect, Vendor, Owner, or User).

  • If you add more than one person, the Set signer order option requires the person listed first to sign before the next signer receives the signature request. Change the signer order by dragging and dropping the signers in the appropriate order.

  • If no email address auto-populates, you must enter one before clicking Next to proceed.

Step 4a

Skip to Step 5 if you aren't using a Signature template

Click the Add Template button and select from your list of templates and click Next to proceed.

  • Select a person for each Signer role you created in your template.

  • If no email address auto-populates, you must enter one before clicking Next to proceed.

Step 5

Configure your uploaded document with the various signature and auto-fill fields you need.

  • Drag the Signature and other fields needed from the left hand menu onto the document, placing the boxes where required.

  • The Standard fields section on the left menu allows you to create your own fields for the signers to fill out. Configure these fields after placing them using the menu on the right.

  • For multiple signers, change the person using the Signers drop down menu at the top of the left menu and then add their signature box and fields.

  • You can use the Me (now) signer to add fields and sign the document immediately if you need to sign it yourself.

  • When finished, click Next at the bottom right of your screen.

For a more in-depth guide, refer to the HelloSign editor FAQ page.

Step 6

Review the information on the confirmation window. Enter a title for the eSign document, which will be used in the subject line of the email sent to the signers. CC recipients and a message are optional. Once done, press the Send For Signature button on the bottom right of the pane.

Step 7

Use the Review & Confirm page to see how many eSignature Credits will be used compared to how many you have, and re-check the recipients. Click Finish to send the eSignature request.

Step 8

Although the signers involved will receive email updates when requests are sent, signed, and completed, you can also track signature requests on the Communications > Signature Requests page.

To send email reminders, download the eSigned document, or delete the request, click on a specific signature request to see more details. Note that you can only send one email reminder per hour. You can also upload the eSigned document to the Files tab of the lease, tenant, or whatever else you want to in DoorLoop.

If you sign into your HelloSign account, you will see your sent eSignature requests.


How much does it cost to send eSignature requests?

  • Each request costs 1 eSignature credit and each credit costs $1. Credits are sold 10 at a time ($10 per transaction). When you run out of credits, you will be notified that you are being charged for more credits when you submit the signature request.

When am I deducted an eSignature credit for the signature request?

  • Your eSignature credit is deducted as soon as you submit the signature request.

Can I add multiple documents to sign at one time?

  • Yes, you can add multiple documents to one eSignature request. This is done on step 3, when you select your files for the eSign document. In the document editor, the files you uploaded are combined into one eSignature request.

What happens if I cancel a signature request before it is signed?

  • If you cancel a signature request before it is completed, the signers will not be able to complete the signature process. The eSignature credit deducted for creating and sending the request through HelloSign will not be returned.

What happens if I have more than one email address for a person?

  • The email address listed first in the person's Contact Info will auto-populate into the Email field.

What happens if I take too long configuring my document?

  • When configuring your document with, the connection to HelloSign will time out after about an hour. If you are going to take this long, make sure you click the Continue button to save your work and then edit the template later to finish.

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