While you can have your tenants upload proof of insurance through the tenant portal on their own, you can also enter insurance policy information for your tenants if you'd like.

The Steps

Step 1

From the main menu, select Leasing < Active Leases.

Step 2

Find the lease you want to enter renters insurance for, and click on it. You can either sort the list by the various columns and filters or use the Search leases search bar.

Step 3

From the Overview tab, find the Insurance tile and click on the Add Policy link.

Note that depending on how your insurance requirement settings are set, this tile will either be labeled Insurance Required or Insurance Not Required.

Step 4

Enter in the relevant information:

  • Policy Owner: The tenant for this lease is automatically selected here. If you have more than one tenant on the lease, you can select a different tenant.

  • Provider Name: Enter the name of the insurance company.

  • Policy Number: Enter the insurance policy number.

  • Effective Date: Enter the start date for the insurance policy.

  • Expiration Date: Enter the end date for the insurance policy.

  • Liability Coverage: Enter the amount of coverage.

Step 5

Add any relevant files (optional) and click Save to finish adding an Insurance Policy for this lease.

The insurance policy tile on the lease Overview tab will now show Provided. If you click on the Provided link, this takes you to the Insurance Details Report for this lease.

You can also go to Reports and find the Leasing section to view insurance reports.


How do I view insurance policies for all my leases at once?

  • Go to Reports and click on the Insurance Details Report in the Leasing section.

    • This shows all the insurance policies and their details, which you can filter or group as needed.

  • You can also use the Insurance Summary Report to see all the active insurance policies grouped by your properties.

    • You can filter this report as well, or group it by insurance Status instead.

How do I see which insurance policies have expired or are about to expire?

  • Go to Reports and click on the Insurance Details Report in the Leasing section.

  • Click on the three vertical dots on the right side of the report columns and turn on the Expiration Date column to add this information to the report.

  • You can now sort the report by this column to see which insurance policies expire the soonest.

    • If you frequently use this report with the Expiration Date column added, you can actually use your browser to bookmark the report with the column added, and then use the browser bookmark whenever you need this report.

How do I edit or delete an insurance policy?

  • From the lease's Overview tab, click the Provided link in the insurance tile. Or you can go straight to an insurance report and find the insurance policy.

  • Click on the insurance policy line on the report to open the Insurance Policy window.

  • Make your edits and click Save, or click the Delete button depending on what you want to do.

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