Printing Checks

Create and print checks on either blank or pre-printed check paper.

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DoorLoop offers check printing which will allow you to print both Bill Payments and Expenses payable to Owners, Vendors, and Tenants. Check printing is possible onto either Voucher (1 Check per Page) or Standard (3 checks per Page) formats. You can print your checks with Account and Routing numbers, or without if they are already pre-printed on your check paper.

Note: Check Printing is not available to Starter Plans. Consider upgrading to the Pro or Premium Plans to access this feature.

Setting Bank Account and Routing Numbers

Step 1

On the main menu, click Accounting and then click Banking. Click on the 3 vertical dots on the right side of the bank account you want to set bank account and routing numbers for and then click Edit.

Step 2

Click on the Check Printing tab on the left side. Toggle on the option to Also include routing, account and check numbers when printing on the check. Enter in the appropriate information and click Save.

Note: If your check paper comes with this information pre-printed, you will not want to turn on this option.

Printing and Adjusting Checks

It is not necessary to create checks before undertaking these steps, but it is possible. This is done by clicking on the Create New button and choosing Check, Expense, or Pay Bills. (The Pay Bills wizard is also accessible via Accounting < Open Bills.)

Step 1

On the main menu, click Accounting and then click Print Checks.

Step 2

Skip to Step 2a if you have already created a check.

Click on the + Add Check in the top right corner to create an expense and check. Go through the steps to create the Expense, and then click Save. Then select the bank account used for the Expense in the Account drop-down menu.

Step 2a

If you have already created an Expense or used the Pay Bills wizard to create checks, select the bank account used for the check in the Account drop-down menu.

Step 3

Select the checks you would like to print from the list available for the chosen bank account. Then click the Preview Checks button.

Step 4

The Print Checks preview window shows you how your checks (and vouchers, if applicable) will print. If no changes are necessary, click on the Print button in the lower right corner. If you need to select a different Check style or make print adjustments, skip to Step 7 and Step 8 and then come back here.

Step 5

In the print preview window, adjust your print settings to match our recommendations. These are:

  • Set the Margins to Default

  • Set the Scale to Default or Actual Size

  • Turn off Headers and footers

  • Turn off Background graphics

  • Do not choose Print on both sides

Step 6

Click Print to print the checks using either your actual check paper or regular paper for a test print.

  • If you completed a test print, make sure you choose the option No, keep the checks so you can print them again for another test or on check paper.

  • If you printed your real checks and are satisfied, choose the Yes, all is good! option to complete the checks and remove them from your list of checks to print.

  • If you accidentally choose Yes, all is good! and still need to reprint the checks, refer to these instructions in the FAQ below to be able to print the checks again.

If changes to your checks or height adjustments are necessary, continue on to Steps 7 and 8.

Step 7

Click on the Print Setup button to change the following:

  • Switch between Voucher checks (1 check per page) and Standard checks (3 checks per page).

  • Review how to print and use a test page, what print settings to use, and adjust the height of the printed check if necessary.

Step 8

If you've set the correct print settings and still need to make height adjustments, go to the Make Adjustments section and enter a starting number such as 10. Print a test page and repeat the test as needed, changing the Height Adjustment number in small increments up or down until the test print lines up with your checks.

When the test lines up correctly, print the checks again using your actual check paper.


How do I compare a test page to my check paper?

  • Place the printed test page behind your check paper so that both sheets are completely aligned. Hold the stacked sheets up to light to see the printed information through the check paper. Make sure the printed information on the test page aligns with what is already pre-printed on the check paper. If it does not, make more height adjustments and test again.

I used the suggested print settings, but the checks are still not aligned properly. What do I need to adjust?

  • If the default settings don't work, try setting your print margins to None or No margins. If that doesn't work, try making the height adjustments described in Step 8.

Where are the various bank account settings printed on my checks?

  • Next Check Number: will be the next check number printed in the upper right corner.

  • Bank Name: printed at the top in the middle.

  • Account Owner Name: printed in the upper left above the Bank Account Contact Info.

  • Bank Account Contact Info: printed in the upper left below the Account Owner Name.

What else is printed on my checks?

  • MEMO: Prints the Memo of the expense or bill. If you print the check for a multiple line item expense or bill, the Memo field of the first line item will print on the check. Up to nine line item memos will print on the voucher part of the check.

  • Payee Address: printed just above the MEMO line.

How do I reprint checks after I already selected "Yes, all is good!" after printing checks?

  • For a check paying an Expense, you will just need to edit the Expense to toggle the Print Later option back on. This works for an Owner Distribution as well, because these are also recorded as expenses.

  • For a check paying off a Bill, you will need to delete the Bill Payment you created to pay off that bill and print the check. Then you can redo the Bill Payment wizard to be able to print the check again.

Why am I not getting a voucher when choosing to print three checks at once?

  • If you choose Standard three check per page option, you will not get a voucher. To get the voucher, you'll need to print one check at a time.

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