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How Do I Charge a Specific Prospect a Different Application Fee Amount?
How Do I Charge a Specific Prospect a Different Application Fee Amount?

How to charge different rental application fees for the same property.

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Depending on your rental application workflow, you might need to charge prospects different application fees even if they are applying for the same property. For example, you might make an exception for someone to pay less than you normally charge.

Let’s go through how to do that now!

The Steps

  1. On the main menu, click Leasing and then click Rental Applications.

  2. Click the + New Application button.

  3. Click the + New Prospect button to create a new prospect.

    Enter as much information for the prospect as you’d like, but only either a First Name and Last Name combination or Company name is required. Click Save when you are finished.

    If this prospect already exists in DoorLoop because they’ve already submitted a rental application or you added them manually, you shouldn’t use the + New Prospect button to create the prospect again. Instead, search for the prospect in the list of your existing prospects and click on their name to add them to this new rental application.

  4. Select the Property and Unit the rental application is for using the drop-down menus.

    Optionally, choose which user or users you want to manage this application in the Assigned To drop-down menu. You can also set the Expected Move-in date if you want to, but the prospect will also enter this when they apply.

  5. Next, you'll notice that there is a toggle that reads, "Specify fees for this application". If you don't want to charge any fees for this particular prospect, then keep this toggled off. It will allow them to feel out the rental application free of charge.

    If you want to charge them, toggle on Specify fees for this application".

  6. Toggle on the option to "Charge applicants an application fee. "

    Enter the amount you want to charge this prospect in the Total Application Fee ($) field.

    When you do this, in the Application Fee Summary section you will see what the credit card fee will be and how much of the application fee you keep as your profit.

  7. If you also want to request a TransUnion Report, toggle this on.

    If you do this, the Application Fee Summary will update to reflect this deduction from your profit.

    If you do not have TransUnion Reports turned on in the rental application settings for this property, you should not turn them on here for this rental application, otherwise the rental application will fail to submit when the prospect tries to pay!

  8. When you are finished, click Save.

  9. Click the Copy Link button.

    This copies the rental application URL for this property to your computer’s clipboard so you can paste it somewhere else.

  10. Paste the copied rental application link into an email, text message, or communications app to send it directly to the prospect you are wanting to charge.

That’s all! If you’ve set up DoorLoop to send notifications when prospects submit rental applications, you’ll get an email when this application is ready for you to review.

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