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Viewing and changing your prospects in DoorLoop.
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Whether you manually create a Prospect or DoorLoop creates one for you when a tenant submits a rental application, you can view and change that propect's information at any time.

The Steps

Step 1

On the main menu, click People and then click Prospects.

Step 2

Find the Prospect you want to view or edit and click on the name. You can also sort the list by the various columns and filters or use the search bar. You can also use the calendar filter helps you choose those created during a specific time period or date range.

Step 3

When you click on the desired prospect, you will enter the prospect's Overview page. Here you will be able to quickly see important information about the prospect. From here, you can create a New Task, a New Application, and a New Lease.

The Rental Applications, Tasks, Notes, and Files tabs do the following:

  • Rental Applications: this tab allows you to review the rental application the prospect filled out, if they have done so.

  • Reports: this section will have no information until a prospect fills out an application.

  • Tasks: this tab allows you to view, edit and create tasks specifically related to this prospect.

  • Notes: this tab allows you to add additional information for you to refer to later.

  • Files: this tab allows you to add and view additional attachments related to this prospect. These files stay with this person if they sign a lease with you and become a tenant in DoorLoop.

Step 4

To edit details about the prospect, click on the blue three vertical dots icon in the upper right corner and choose Edit.

Alternatively, you can edit a prospect from your list of prospects by clicking on the three vertical dots icon on the right-hand side of a prospect and choosing Edit.

Change any information you need to, clicking Save when you are done.

Step 5

(Optional) Most of this information you probably already have when you initially created the prospect. However, if you need edit any of this info here’s a quick summary of all the sections. Learn more about Adding a Prospect.

  • Personal Info: Again, enter as much information for the prospect as you’d like, but only either a First Name and Last Name combination or a Company name is required.

  • Contact Info: Enter the tenant’s Phone and Email information. You can enter multiple of each if the prospect has several contact methods.

  • Address and Alternate Address: Place to enter an address, possibly a work address or secondary address.

  • Emergency Contact: Enter any emergency contacts this Tenant may have.

  • Marketing Profile: Mainly used when the tenant was a prospect that doesn’t apply too much to them now that they are tenants.

  • Pets: If your tenant has pets, this is where you would enter all the information about them.

  • Vehicles: Add any vehicles that your tenant owns in this section.

  • Dependents: Add your tenant’s dependents here if they have any.

Step 6

Click Save when you are done editing the tenant.

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