How to brand your Properties

How to use different company/LLC names for each of your properties.

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When you set up your tenant portal appearance in DoorLoop, you can set one portal for your whole company, or you can create different portal configurations for each of your properties.

This way, you can brand your properties so different company names and logos show for tenants renting at those properties. Note you can also actually set different functional tenant portal settings for these properties as well.

How to brand your properties

For each property you need to change your company name for, do the following:

Step 1

Go to Rentals < Properties and click on the property you want to brand.

Step 2

Click on the View Settings button or the Settings tab and choose the Tenant Portal button.

Step 3

In the Portal Contact Info section, select Specify portal contact info for this property and enter in the company name you want to show when tenants in this property log in to their tenant portals.

Step 4

In the Theme Settings section, choose Specify portal theme for this property if you’d like to add a different Logo, Color Theme, or Background / Cover Image for this property.

Step 5

When you are finished, click Save.

That’s it! You can use these instructions to view one of your tenant’s portals to see what the new company name and logo look like.

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