Vendor Management Overview

Use vendors in DoorLoop to help track bills and expenses, as well as work orders for your properties.

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Vendors are an important part of property management. They handle maintenance and contract work for your properties, get attached to Expenses and Bills, and if you want to be able to attach them to Work Orders and Tenant Requests, you’ll need to create them in DoorLoop.

This article will give you an overview of all the things you can do with Vendors in DoorLoop.

The Steps

Create vendors

Create and pay bills, expenses

Create Management Fees

Create Work Orders

  • In DoorLoop, a Work Order is a task or job for a customer, which can be scheduled and assigned to a Vendor. For example, you might create a Work Order for something reported through a Tenant Request, or you might just create them internally within your property management company.

    There are multiple places you can create Work Orders in DoorLoop. Properties, Units, Leases, Tenants, Owners, Prospects, and Vendors in DoorLoop all have their own Tasks tab where you can create and view Work Orders.


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