If you are reading this, you have received an invite to join the Tenant Portal for the unit that you have rented. What is the Tenant Portal? The Tenant Portal is an all-in-one destination to make payments, submit requests, and view important announcements.

Below are instructions and descriptions for each section you will encounter in the Tenant Portal. Note that what you may see on your end may look different from what you see here based on what your landlord may or may not have activated for you to see.


Accepting the Tenant Portal Invitation

If you receive an email invite, follow the steps below.

  1. When you receive the email notification for the Tenant Portal invite, navigate to your email and look for the email containing the subject line, “Your Tenant Portal is Ready!

  2. Open this message and you’ll see a link near the bottom that reads, “Accept Invitation.

  3. You’ll be taken to a new page where you will need to complete the details of your login. Enter the password you want to use, consisting of letters, numbers, or a combination of both.

  4. Click Sign In to complete the process.

If you receive a text invite, follow the steps below. Note that if you accept the invitation through the text invite, you still need a valid email address to log into the Tenant Portal.

  1. If you received an invitation via text message, the process is relatively the same.

  2. Click on the link you received in the text message.

  3. You’ll see a link near the bottom that reads, “Accept Invitation.

  4. You’ll be taken to a new page where you will need to complete the details of your login. You will need to enter the password you want to use, consisting of letters, numbers, or a combination of both.

  5. Click Sign In to complete the process.

Home Screen and Overview

The home screen is an overview of your account. Your Tenant Portal may look different from what you see here in these examples based on what your landlord has set. Normally you’d see your Balance Due, upcoming Rent Charges, any Announcements made by your landlord, a button to make Requests, and a button to Make A Payment. There’s also a row of tabs at the top if you want to see more details for certain items.


The Payments tab is where you will view your Payment History. Here is also where you can set up auto-pay and make payments.

  • Setup Auto-Pay - Clicking this button will set up a recurring auto-payment. You can choose to either pay with a Credit Card or via ACH through your bank. You can also choose the recurring amount you want to pay, the recurring Payment Date, and how often to make these payments. You can also use this button to turn off Auto-Pay if you no longer want to use this feature.

  • Make a Payment - This button is used to make a one-time payment either by Credit Card or ACH through your bank.

  • Payment History - View all your past charges and payments.

Making Partial Payments

If your landlord has given you the option to make Partial Payments, follow these steps to change the amount you’d like to pay instead of the full amount.

  1. Click Make a Payment.

  2. When the option for choosing either Credit Card or ACH payments, just “X” out of this section. You’ll come back to this later. You’ll be brought to a new section with Payment Options.

  3. Under the Payment Options sections, click Change. This will give you the option to Setup Your Payment Options.

  4. Under How much you would like to pay, enter the partial amount here. Enter the Payment Date and then how often you’d like to make this payment, whether it’s a one-time payment or a recurring one.

  5. Click Update.

  6. Next, select a Payment Method. When that’s done, click Make a Payment to complete the process.


The Insurance tab is where you upload your renter’s insurance information if you haven’t already done so. You will also be able to upload a copy of your insurance for proof. If you already have, your renter’s insurance information will show up here.


The Requests tab is where you can make Tenant Requests and also view the status of previous requests. For example, if you need something fixed in your unit, you can make that request here and view the progress of each request.

New Request - Making a request is as simple as clicking the green button.

  1. Enter the subject of what the request is for.

  2. Enter a detailed description of your request so the landlord can better understand your issue.

  3. Additional Information - Let the landlord know if you have any special instructions for access to your unit, for example, which days work best for you.

  4. Files and Documents - You can also upload photos to your Tenant Requests in case you want to show proof of specific issues you are having.

  5. Click Save when you’re done.


The Announcements tab is where you’ll be able to view important landlord announcements. This could be information about when they might be entering your residence for general maintenance, landscaping, and more.


How do I change my password?

  • Once you’re logged in, click on the upper right-hand corner where your name is and select “security”. You’ll get a popup with the option to change your password.

  • You can alternatively select "Forget Password" from the login screen to reset your password. The system will send a link to your email on file to reset your password.

How do I turn off Automatic Payments?

  • Head into the Payments tab on your Tenant Portal and click the Auto-Pay button. From here, you’ll be able to turn off auto-pay and go back to making one-time payments.

How do I turn off Two-Factor Authentication (2FA) for my account?

  • While not recommended, you can turn off 2FA. Click your name at the upper-right corner and select the option for Security. You'll see an option to toggle off 2-Step Verification. You'll need to enter your current password to confirm the change.

How do I make Partial Payments?

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