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Find, view, and update submitted rental applications.

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Like many things in DoorLoop, we provide multiple ways for you to find and review submitted rental applications. You can view all your rental applications together in one place, view them for each property, or even go find the individual prospect created when someone submits an application.

Let’s go through each method now!

The Steps

If you have notifications for submitted rental applications turned on, the user or users you choose to receive these notifications will get an email that an application has been submitted.

Tip: You don’t have to turn this feature on to review rental applications, but it can help you review them faster!

Step 1 - Viewing a Rental Application

Viewing All Rental Applications

  1. To view rental all rental applications (submitted and sent), click Leasing on the main menu and then click Rental Applications.

  2. From here, you will see all rental applications ever submitted and sent unless you’ve deleted some. There are different ways you can sort the Rental Applications page if you need to narrow down the list of applicants. You can do so with the following options:

    • Sorting

      By default, the rental applications are sorted by their Created At date, with the most recent applications at the top.

      You can also sort the applications by their Expected Move In date by clicking on the small arrows to the right of those column headings.

      (The Expected Move In date is set by the prospect when they fill out the application.)

    • Filtering

      Click on the Filter icons to the right of the search bar to filter the application list.

      The other Filter icon allows you to choose a Created At date range as your filter criteria. You can also filter prospects by Property, Portfolio, Assigned To, Decision status, Application Status, and Report Status.

    • Searching

      Use the Search bar to type in the name of the prospect whose application you are trying to find.

  3. Find and click on the rental application you want to view or edit.

Viewing Rental Applications by Property

  1. To view rental applications associated with a specific property, click Rentals on the main menu and then click on Properties.

  2. Click on the property whose rental applications you want to view. Then click on the Rental Applications tab.

  3. Here you will see all rental applications submitted for this property unless you’ve deleted some.

  4. Find and click on the rental application you want to view or edit.

Find the Rental Application when viewing a Prospect

  1. To view a prospect's rental application, click People on the main menu and then click on Prospects.

  2. Find and click on the prospect whose rental application you want to view.

  3. Click on the Rental Applications tab.

    (Here you will see the rental application submitted by the prospect, unless you’ve deleted it.)

  4. Find and click on the rental application you want to view or edit.

Step 2 - Review the Rental Application

Once you find and click on a Rental Application, use the various tabs on a rental application to review and work on the application.

  • The Overview tab shows you basic information about the application.

  • The Rental Application tab will allow you to review and print the actual application the prospect filled out.

  • The Reports tab allows you to request and view these reports.

    • This section will show reports if initially requested. If not, you can request them from here.

  • The Tasks tab allows you to create Tasks related to the rental application.

  • The Notes tab allows you to add additional information for you to refer to later.

  • The Files tab allows you to add additional attachments for you to refer to later.

Step 3 - Assign a User to Manage the Rental Application

  1. When viewing a rental application, click on the blue three vertical dots icon in the upper right corner and choose Edit.

  2. The Property this rental application is associated with is already chosen, but you can actually change this rental application to be for a different property if you need to.

  3. You’ll also need to select which Unit this rental application is for before you can assign it to a user.

  4. Choose which user or users you want to manage this application in the Assigned To drop-down menu.

  5. You can also change the Desired Move-in date if you need to.

  6. Click Save when you are done.

Note: Don’t edit any of the other sections in the Application Fee or TransUnion Report sections at this point, because this won’t change the fee or actually request reports if you didn’t have the TransUnion Report option turned on in your rental application settings when the prospect submitted their application.

Now when you or another user filters rental applications by the Assigned To field, this rental application will show up for the user or users you assigned it to.

Step 4 - Update Your Decision

  1. When on the Overview tab of a rental application, click on the Update Decision button.

  2. You can update the decision to the following choices:

  3. Add any optional Notes about the decision and then click Save. (These notes will show if you go back later to update your decision again.)

  4. Notify the prospect of your decision however you normally would.

Step 5 - Creating a new lease from your rental application

In the previous section, if you updated your decision and selected to approve the prospect to become a new tenant, head back to the Overview tab on the Rental Application and click the prospect's name under the Prospect section.

You'll now be on the Prospect's Profile page. You'll now see a button there called New Lease.

When you click the New Lease button, you'll now enter the lease creation flow, which is the same as when you're creating a new lease. If you need a refresher on how to complete a new lease, check out the article for how to add a new lease.

Go through the lease-creating wizard and your Prospect will now become a brand-new Tenant on an active lease.


The Criminal Report, Eviction Related Proceedings Report and SmartMove recommendation service (a credit score based recommendation) are subject to federal, state, and local laws that may limit or restrict SmartMove’s ability to return some records or recommendations. Certain jurisdictions may limit what records are eligible for return, click here for more information.

National Sex Offender State, Federal Watch Lists and National Most Wanted

Databases are NOT impacted.

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