Managing Your Prospects
Viewing and tracking your prospects in DoorLoop.
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Whether you manually create a Prospect or DoorLoop creates one for you when a tenant submits a rental application, you can review and change that propect's information at any time.

List of Prospects

DoorLoop's Prospects page shows you a list of all your prospects with the following information for each (if it has been set):

  • Prospect's Name: either first and last name or company name.

  • Status: DoorLoop has many statuses to choose from, so you can track your prospect workflow in great detail.

  • Expected Move-in Date: you can enter a move-in date, or the prospect can when they submit a rental application.

  • Contact Information: phone numbers and email address.

  • Assigned To: see which of your users is currently tasked with managing this prospect.

To search for a particular prospect, simply type the name into the search bar at the top of the page labeled Search Prospects.

You can also use the calendar filter to narrow down your list of prospects to those created during a specific time period or date range. The filter to the right of the calendar filter icon gives you additional filter options to help you narrow down your prospect list.

Individual Prospect Page

When you click on any prospect card, you enter the prospect's Overview page. Here you will be able to quickly see important information about the prospect.

You will also be able to use quick action buttons to create tasks, applications, and even a new lease if you need to turn this prospect into a tenant.

The Rental Applications, Tasks, Notes, and Files tabs do the following:

Editing a Prospect

DoorLoop allows you to edit each prospect by clicking on the three vertical dots icon on the right-hand side of each prospect line and choosing Edit.

Or you can click on a prospect to review more information first, then click on the blue three vertical dots icon in the upper right corner and choose Edit.

Change any information you need to, clicking Save when you are done.

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