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Fix Common Tenant Portal Invite Issues
Fix Common Tenant Portal Invite Issues

How to help your tenant when they tell you they are having problems using their tenant portal.

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At some point, one of your tenants might contact you, saying they are having trouble logging in to the tenant portal or accepting their invite. Don't worry, there are clear and easy steps you can take to help them out!

Helping Tenants Access their Portal

In our rush to complete our daily tasks, sometimes we skim or miss key information. Some of your tenants may face a hiccup or two as they get into the routine of using their tenant portal to pay rent online.

Tenants portal invite has expired error

  • If a tenant says they are getting an error message saying the portal invite has expired, this usually means they have already accepted the tenant portal invite to set up their password.

  • Sometimes tenants think they can come back and use the Accept Invitation button in their invite email to log in to their tenant portal. However, this does not work. Once a tenant invite has been accepted, the Accept Invitation button in the invite email will no longer work.

  • Instead, tenants have several different ways they should log in to their portal.

Tenant can't log in to their portal

  • If a tenant has trouble logging in and they aren’t trying to reuse their original tenant portal invite email, they likely forgot their password.

  • You can have them use the Forgot password? link on the login page, or they can go to to reset their password.

  • You can suggest they use a password manager to help them remember their password in the future.

  • It could be possible that their lease is no longer active which would disable the tenants portal. Make sure their lease is still active.

  • Check the tenant portal settings to make sure the tenant portal is still active.

Tenant says using correct site and resetting password didn't work

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