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The ePay Funding Cycle for Online Tenant Payments (US)
The ePay Funding Cycle for Online Tenant Payments (US)

Learn how long online payments take to reach your bank account.

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When your tenants make online payments, you don't instantly receive this money in your bank account. There is an ePay Funding Cycle that all online payments go through. However, depending on how your tenant pays, the cycle will vary in length. We explain these different cycles below.

Note: The below information is for United States-based payments and bank accounts only utilizing ACH or Credit Cards. We will have updated information about Canadian payments soon.

Tenant ACH / Credit Card Payments

When your tenants pay via ACH (eCheck) and Credit Cards, their payments can be deposited as quickly as 3 business days to your account, after the day the payment was received.

For example:

  • if a payment was made on a Monday before 2pm (EST) will be deposited in your bank as early as Thursday.

  • if the payment was made Monday after 2pm (EST), you'll see it deposited in your account on Friday.

  • If the payment is made on a Friday after 2pm (EST), or on the weekend, it will not process until the next business day, which would be Monday.

  • If there's a federal holiday at any time during the week, it will add an extra day to the time estimate.

Why do ePays take 3 business days (T+3) to deposit into your bank account?

  • DoorLoop partners with Stripe to provide you with the most reliable and fastest payment processing available.

  • DoorLoop protects you by making sure customers verify their bank account information, preventing fraud at no additional cost to you.

  • DoorLoop funds payments at T+3: this means that you will receive funds in your account for payments made before 2pm on a business day, 3 business days later. (Monday payment, Thursday bank deposit)

  • DoorLoop uses a 2-day hold pattern to give banks sufficient time to notify of insufficient funds which will result in a returned payment.

  • Our customers can be confident that once funds are deposited in their account, it means the payment has cleared the tenant’s bank account and will not be returned due to insufficient funds, invalid account numbers, etc.

  • Payments can only be returned if they are disputed by the tenant’s credit card company or bank.

  • This is the fastest way to fund an ACH payment while making sure a payment will not need to be “clawed back” or pulled back from the landlord/property manager’s account unless a customer disputes the payment.

Tenant Reversed Payments

There are many reasons why ACH payments might fail, but the most common is for insufficient funds. When your tenant has a reversed ACH payment, DoorLoop will handle all the necessary accounting. DoorLoop also automatically adds the appropriate returned payment fees as charges to your tenant's lease for them to pay with their next successful payment.

If you want to review reversed payments and how they affect your deposits from our payment processor, you can go to Reports and click on the Deposit Transactions report in the Accounting section. Here you can click on the line item for the deposit and it will show exactly what made up that deposit, including reversed payments.

If you want to see the reason why your tenant's payment was reversed, click on the Reversed Payment report in the Who Owes You section. (You can filter by ePay only to see only online reversed payments and take out reversed payments you recorded manually.) In the Notes column of this report, you will see the reason for the return as reported by our payment processor.

Note: ACH Payment Return Codes are generated by the tenant's bank. That means that if they have any issues or concerns they might have concerning a return payment, they should first contact their bank and ask why their payment was returned. DoorLoop is not responsible for any return payment fees a tenant can incur from these returns.

Review Online Payment

To receive online payments, you need the following:


How do I see that status and details of an ePay deposit?

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