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Tenant Portal Overview
Tenant Portal Overview

Use DoorLoop's tenant portal to automate rent collection and tenant communication.

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DoorLoop’s tenant portal is a powerful feature that supports many parts of your property management business. Tenants use it to pay their rent online, view their charges and past payments, submit proof of insurance and tenant requests, and review announcements you send them.

We’ll explain more about the tenant portal and how to use it below, along with links to more training for each.

How to Configure Your Tenant Portal Settings

Like many things in DoorLoop, you can configure tenant portal settings at the company level and have all your properties use these default settings. Or, you can configure different portal settings at each of your properties if you want them to have different functionality or appearances.

For example, you might want to allow partial payments for some properties and not others, or you just might want to brand your portal for each property a little differently.

How to Review Your Tenant Portal

You’ll likely want to review what your tenant portal looks like before you invite all your tenants. No problem, DoorLoop allows you to view the tenant portal as it appears for each of your tenants!

How to Invite Your Tenants to the Portal

You can invite your tenants to their portal when you create their lease in DoorLoop, later after creating the lease, or you can invite multiple tenants at once in a bulk action.

  • When you invite your tenants to the tenant portal, they receive an email invite that will be used to set up their portal password.

  • If you want to customize your portal invite email, you can do so in your Tenant Portal Invite Settings.

  • Note that the email will show as being from whatever company name you enter for your Tenant Portal Contact Info Settings. The sending email address is Make sure to change the Company Name if you do not want a personal email or business email to appear in your emails.

    • The sending email address cannot be changed.

  • When a tenant accepts the portal invitation, their Tenant Portal Status will change from Invited to Active. You can see this status and you find and filter your tenants on your tenant list.

How to Track Tenant Portal Invites

After you’ve invited tenants to their portal, you can track the status of these emailed invites using DoorLoop’s Communication Log.

  • You can verify that the invites were sent and even see if your tenant opened the email and clicked on a link.


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