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Configure the settings needed to help manage your properties.

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By default, your properties will use your company settings for many things. However, configuring property settings will override the company-level settings.

Properties also have some of their own unique settings, such as information for online listings, owners, and reserve funds.

The Steps

  1. To set the Property Settings, click on Rentals on the main menu and then click on Properties.

  2. Find the Property you want to edit and click on it. You can either use the various filters or use the Search properties search bar.

  3. From the Overview page of the selected Property, click on the Settings tab to see all the options.

  4. Use the buttons to change the following settings as necessary:

    • General Information

      • Update the property name and address if needed.

      • If you enter a Detailed description of this property, this is used when posting online listings for this property.

    • Reserve Funds

      • Set how much money should be designated for this property’s reserves.

      • You won’t be able to distribute this money back out to your owners, and you will see this amount listed when paying bills so you’ll know if you are dipping into the reserve funds.

    • Payment Instructions

      • Set payment instructions to show in the tenant portal for this property.

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